Andromeda V, Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy, typ d ?, in Andromeda

Objekt / Object: Andromeda V; Con: Andromeda; This dwarf speroidal galaxy, another satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy M31, has been found by T.E. Armandroff, J.E. Davies, G.H.Jacoby. It was first found by microdensiometrie of POSS plates, verified by images with KPNO telscopes. Later images were taken with the 4-m telescope on Kitt Peak.
RA: 01:10.3
Distance 810 +/-45 kpc
25.2 mag/arcs^2 All stars of the dSph-typ are older than 200 million ly
Datum / Date: 24.08.2009
Zeit / Time: 18 x 600s - 18 darks, 18 flats, 18 dark-flats; croped: 11,96' x 9,73'
Instrument: ST-10XME - 12" Newton f/5 - Alt-Mount

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