M 46 und M47 und NGC 2423 und NGC 2414

Objekt / Object: M46 und M47 and NGC 2423 und NGC 2414
M46 an Open Cluster in Puppis was the first object Charles Messier discovered after he had published the first edition of his list. He added this one to his catalog on February 19, 1771 together with M47. The cluster is rich, with 150 stars of mag 10-13, probably a total population of over 500. The brightest of these stars are of spectral type A0; each 100 times more luminous than the Sun. (the brightest: mag 8.7) The age is of about 300 million years. M46 is classified as of Trumpler type II,2,r. A planetary nebula (NGC 2438) appears within the apparent borders of M46. M47 is a loose cluster in Puppis dicovered before 1654 by Giovanni Batista Hodierna. The cluster can be seen with the unaides eye under dark skies. About 50 bright stars; 30 arc minutes in diameter; an overall brightness of 4.4 mag - v wikipedia
NGC 2423 - NGC 2423-3 is a red giant star; NGC 2423 is 2498 light years away in NGC 2423 open cluster.
Entfernung / Distance: 2498 ly
Datum / Date: 07.03.2011
Zeit / Time: 5 x 300s
Ort / Location: Irmtraut / Westerwald
Instrument: 80mm TMB-Refraktor, f/4.8
Montierung / Mount: Alt 6 AD
Kamera: Canon EOS 1000DA
Nachführung / Guiding: 12"-Newton/ST-10XME
Filter: ---
Bemerkung / Note: Selbst die kurze Brennweite des TMB 80mm mit Flatner/Reducer = 384 mm ist schwierig mit dem Newton nachzuführen! Durchbiegung!.
300s Belichtugszeit sind etwas reichlich; helle Sterne beginnen auszubrennen!

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